Custom Formulations

Custom Formulations and product development policies:

Sarati International, Inc. offers you the opportunity to develop your own custom formulations through the use of our knowledgeable staff and our FDA registered laboratory and production facilities.

We will develop lotions, creams, and custom liposomal formulations through cosmetic product development featuring delivery of preferred actives as well as natural and/or synthetic formulations to your desired specifications.

Examples of the types of products we can develop for you are:

● Acne skin otc care products, otc salicylate
● Natural skin care products
● Facial Cleansers, exfoliators, masks
● Foot care products
● Lotion formulating, cellulite creams, stretch marks cream
● OTC pain products
● Skinceutical beauty products, anti-aging, eye creams, matrixyls, pentapeptide creams
● Spa products- toners, masks, serums
● Toothpaste – natural fluoride free toothpaste

    Steps for Private Label


    Sign and return the NDA and R&D agreements. You will need to complete a separate R&D for each product you would like to custom formulate, as some of the information needed will be different.


    Along with #1 you will send us the formula or ingredient deck and our chemist will let you know if we are a good fit.


    If we are a good fit and you are ready for a quote, you will pay a non-refundable lab consultation fee of $150.00 for each product. At that time our chemist will source the raw materials for a quote. We will need to know if you are supplying packaging and fill size, or if you will be using our stock packaging and fill size.


    Once you approve the quote the next step is for our lab to order the raw materials needed for the formula to create samples for your approval.


    Once all the raw materials are in house and the lab begins to make samples for your approval that is when the $150 per hour lab time begins, as explained in the R&D agreement


    There is a 1,000 oz. minimum each time we make the product for you. If we have to bring in raw materials we do not stock just for your product, the minimum could be higher, the minimums are also higher on certified organic products – we will let you know the minimum when we give you the quote.


    Once we have an approved formula and you place your order, the turnaround time is approximately 4-6 weeks, providing none of the raw materials we need to order have a longer lead time, and we have all components to start and complete your order.